Welcome to Baynhams Brewery, founded in 2017 by three Baynhams with a passion for brewing and producing good refreshing beer! We have our very own hop plantation, so our flavours are truly unique and our brewing is more sustainable.

About Us

Baynhams’ Brewery is a friendly family business, tucked away in the heart of the New Forest. It was founded by three members of the Baynham family in 2017, brothers Lawrence and Tom, and their cousin Harry.

Baynhams’ Brewery has grown from a shared love of beer to a business with honest recipes and flavours.

PIG Beer is our debut brand and is the culmination of months of recipe development. The name is derived from the history of our premises, but the beer is 100% vegetarian friendly!

Our brewing site is a small holding in the picturesque village of Brockenhurst. Prior to the site conversion, the area had been used for pig grazing with a number of fields and small barns for agricultural activity.  We have converted the field into a beautiful hop garden growing Prima Donna (one of our favourite hop varieties) and the main barn is the epicentre of our brewing activities.

With our approach of modern and efficient brewing, we are committed to producing exceptional beers and caring for the beautiful National Park around us.

Our beers are light, refreshing and perfectly carbonated. Delicious yet subtle flavours infused from our own hops makes Baynhams’ Beers perfect for all beer lovers.

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